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Academy for Computerized Dentistry

Academy of General Dentistry

Academy of Laser Dentistry

Academy of Osseointegration

Academy of Prosthodontics

American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry

American Academy of Implant Dentistry

American Academy of Maxillofacial Prosthetics

American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry

American Academy of Periodontology

American Association of Endodontics

American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

American Board of Prosthodontics

American College of Prosthodontists

American Dental Association

American Dental Hygienists´┐Ż Assoc.

American Endodontic Society Inc.

American Equilibration Society

American Orthodontic Society

American Prosthodontic Society

American Society of Dental Anesthesiologists

American Society of Forensic Odontology

National Association of dental Laboratories

Implant Dentistry of Washington

International Association of Dental Research

Int Association of Dentistry for the Handicapped

International College of Dentists

International Congress of Oral Implantologists

International Society of Computerized Dentistry

National Institute of Dental Research

National Museum of Dentistry

The American Academy of Restorative Dentistry

Pacific Coast Society For Prosthodontics

Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry

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